Train with Helming Athletics:

Individual Coaching

Receive an individualized program from Nate through Training Peaks designed around your schedule, athletic needs, and race schedule. With daily emails, regular feedback, and a plan to systematically address your weaknesses, you will chart a new course of athletic performance. $200 monthly. $570 for 3 months. $1100 for  6 months.

Group Programs

Receive a semi-custom program through Training Peaks designed to improve swim, bike, and run mechanics, sport-specific strength, and speed to prepare for specific Olympic and 70.3 races. What’s more, take advantage of greater community and accountability with weekly strength & conditioning classes at San Francisco CrossFit under direct Helming Athletics supervision. $225 for 12 week custom plan. $50 monthly for group training plan.

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Systematically address virtually every triathletes’ limiters: mobility, body mechanics, and strength. In a fun and friendly group environment, learn how to lift safely and powerfully, how to address sub-acute injury with mobility, and how to move for better performance in triathlon. $110 Introductory session. $25 drop in after. $225 for a 10 pack of sessions.

Individual Sessions

Need the motivation and attention from individual coaching? Want to take your strength and lifting technique to the next level?  Schedule individual appointments with Nate. $110 hourly.

Run Technique

Learning to run or wish to improve your run? Receive coaching tailored to your running needs and skill level, touch upon your mobility and strength limiters, and leave with an action plan to further your running development. Book an individual appointment with Nate focused on running technique. $110 hourly.