Run & Triathlon Plans




For the more serious endurance athlete, Training Peaks is unaparalled for its ability to connect athletes and coaches; deliver, track, and log workouts; and most importantly track, upload, and analyze GPS, Heart Rate, and Power data. Use Training Peaks software to take your training to another level.

12 Week Intermediate Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan

  • Price: $50
  • This intermediate Olympic distance Triathlon training plan is designed for the triathlete who has completed at least one sprint or olympic distance race and is looking to up their game. This plan incorporates challenging, achievable, and scalable swim, bike, run and strength workouts that will work on your power, strength, and speed for a faster and injury free performance.


Running Technique & Drills

  • Price: Free!
  • There is a lot more to running than meets the eye, and if you’re an avid runner, then you know the importance of good running form. Proper running technique can prevent common running injuries, as well as increase your speed, agility, stamina, and power.

    This plan includes video tutorials on running elements such as hip extension, cadence, the arm swing, and more. Whether you’re a beginning runner who wants to start on the right foot, or a seasoned marathoner, you can expect to learn something new from this Running Technique training plan.

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