Helming Athletics: endurance coaching and strength & conditioning for superior movement mechanics, training, and racing.

Too often our path to athletic success is impeded with sickness, injury, inefficiency in training, and inefficiency in movement. Most athletes work hard but need to channel this hard work in a more productive direction. Helming Athletics can help you in your next race or season by building a stronger athletic foundation, setting a plan, developing focus, remaining “uninjured“, restoring balance, and aiding in the process of self-discovery and betterment.

Helming Athletics Values:



A strong general athletic foundation is needed before individuals can excel in endurance athletics. Thus, most athletes need skill development, mobility, strength, power, and speed in addition to cardio-respiratory endurance and muscular endurance.


Ones that are centered around a patient long-term approach towards athletic development, balanced with specific short-term objectives, and flexible for the inevitable changes along the way.


On the big picture goals and on the short term objectives that get athletes closer to those goals.


Athletes should understand the root cause of most sub-acute injury and how to self heal, which lies in regular mobility, improved body mechanics, and increased strength.


This means a lot of things. We want long-distance athletes to have speed. We want short-course athletes to have endurance. We want both athletes to work hard. But we also want both athletes to enjoy themselves and the training process.


Training is a process of self-discovery and of betterment. Competing and training in sport should make us better at our jobs, and better in our personal and family lives rather than take away from those things.