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Olympic Lifting for Better Downhill Running

(Diane Fu photo credit) Really excited to publish this last article as it represents my evolving understanding of strength & conditioning needs for endurance athletes. It also represents my growing collaborative efforts with other coaches down at San Francisco CrossFit, most notably Carl Paoli of GymansticsWod and Diane Fu of Fu Barbell. I feature both […]

Happy Holidays from Helming Athletics

Vance Jacobs Photography Happy Holidays from Helming Athletics Happy Holidays from Helming Athletics As many of you know, I will soon be departing on a 3 week adventure to South East Asia with my wife. I’m really looking forward to exploring a new area of the world, to relaxing, and to being with her. And […]

Today Helming Athletics turns 1!

Vance Jacobs Photography. A friend and fellow coach once told me that success can only be measured if we share it with others… Reflecting on these words, I couldn’t be more than thankful, excited, and inspired by all the athletes who decided to share their athletic development and experience with me this year…the first year […]

Reframing the Discussion on Strength & Conditioning for Triathletes

The Disconnect: Just two weeks ago, I traveled to San Diego for the USA Triathlon Art & Science Symposium. I looked forward to the continuing education and the opportunity to converse with some of the country’s best minds in triathlon. And I learned a lot. Robbie Ventura–former professional cyclist and now endurance coach–gave an excellent […]

Strength & Conditiong for Endurance Athletes. Now at TJ’s Gym in Corte Madera!

The racing season’s winding down. Now that most athletes are far away from any specific racing, most runners, triathletes and cyclists add some unstructured workouts and some variety to the training plan for balance. It’s also the time of year most endurance athletes hit the gym. And for good reason. Want to improve your V02 […]

Aiming for a B+ on Nutrition

Photo by Vance Jacobs Photography Aim for a B+ on Nutrition. A Jesse Thomas Re-post: I first came across this insightful and funny article by pro triathlete Jesse Thomas about a month ago. I was finishing up my  recent article comparing solid versus liquid fueling for triathlon, and I wanted to get some personal input […]

Chewing or Drinking your Calories: What’s Better?

Drinking versus Chewing Calories: What’s Better? The above quote exists on the back of my friend John’s shirt. He created some team t-shirts for his crew to wear while supporting him on his first 100 mile endurance run this past year. While I hate to burst John’s bubble, being awesome alone can only get you […]

3 Principals for Decoding CrossFit

3 Principals for Decoding CrossFit  and how a lack of motor control or mobility is at the root of athletic inefficiency and injury. (Photo by Vance Jacobs Photography) As a CrossFit Coach, I spend several hours per week leading athletes of all abilities through our “basics” class, teaching our core curriculum of movements (squat, pushup, […]