Today Helming Athletics turns 1!

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A friend and fellow coach once told me that success can only be measured if we share it with others…

Reflecting on these words, I couldn’t be more than thankful, excited, and inspired by all the athletes who decided to share their athletic development and experience with me this year…the first year of Helming Athletics.

Today my company turns 1 year old. Like any proud parent, I’m excited that my baby is a) still alive b) continuing to grow and c) making me—the parent—approach my life and work with greater purpose.

To my Helming Athletics year 1 angel investors—I cannot thank you enough for your continued support, commitment, and hard earned results. Every day I get to work with all of you on your athletic development, racing seasons, and inevitable bumps along the way. Everyday I get a little better as a result.

I continue to be educated, motivated, and humbled by my fellow coaches at San Francisco Cross Fit. Kelly and Juliet Starrett created a special place in the Parking Lot of Dreams. I have a hard time visualizing a more supportive and enlightened place to grow as a coach, athlete, and business.

As I continue to grow, it would help to further define my “greater purpose” in more exact terms. As it currently stands, here it is:

Helming Athletics will be a place for athletes to problem solve, to experiment, and to learn. Or in other words, Helming Athletics will help athletes to be more awesome in their physical lives. We all express our awesomeness in our own unique ways. Whether a professional mountain biker, a committed triathlete, or a part time Crossfitter, all athletes seek improvement, new challenges, and accomplishment. Whether it involves tackling their first pullup, setting an Ironman personal best, or moving without knee or shoulder pain, all athletes want a richer, fuller life.

We cannot accomplish these things alone however. All athletes problem solve, experiment, and learn more effectively in a committed, supportive, and community-oriented environment. Irrespective of sport, we are all athletes, and Helming Athletics will be that place, that coaching company to help you be a more successful one.

So in the new year and in the years to come, Helming Athletics is dedicated to offering  everyone access to knowledgeable and experienced endurance coaching, supportive and challenging CrossFit training, cohesive training plans, technical information on biomechanics, and intuitive guidance on injury management.

So here’s to better problem solving, experimenting, and learning. Here’s to being more awesome. And here’s to our future and shared success.

I hope you can join me.


Nate Helming

Helming Athletics



2 Responses to “Today Helming Athletics turns 1!”

  1. Peg Helming December 5, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    Congratulations Nathan, on a successful first year! I wish you were my coach!! Here’s to year 2. Loads of love, Mom

  2. Bill Helming December 7, 2012 at 3:38 am #

    We knew you’d succeed, can’t believe a year has passed already! we know there’ll be many more good years to come. congratulations!
    Now, about my ankle…
    Love dad

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